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2013 《华彩乐章》音乐会照片
2013 《华彩乐章》音乐会



My American Dream, My Chinese Dream.

The concert A Colorful Musical Journey on April 21,2013 is both late and timed well to me. The reason for calling it late is that when I was in China, I had many experiences in Chinese musical instruments, performance, and I also had a lot of knowledge about original Chinese music. However, my music dream was postponed because of my area of study in college and graduate school was engineering and I later worked in the field of civil engineering for more than 20 years after doctoral degree. But I would also call the concert comes into the equation on time because my musical inspiration was revitalized by the western music when I sent my children to practice violin after I immigrated to the U.S. When I came in contact with the western music, not only my music dream was awaken, my memories of Chinese music also became vivid again. I felt summon of an unspeakable call. I started to learn western music theory and composition when I was 48. Creativity is often sparked by the collision of ideas from different disciplines and cultures. My engineering background helped me with logical thinking and multicultural experiences together rendered my western music with hint of Chinese rhythm. My music might be hard to classify as either Chinese or Western because of the novel combination of east and west. This creation affirms the advantages of immigrants and interdisciplinarity. It enriches immigrant culture and therefore American culture. It’s meaningful to both American and Chinese cultures. Thus The Colorful Musical Journey is both my American dream and my Chinese dream. The dream is not only my dream, but it belongs to everyone. It will only come true and flourish on this free soil of America!

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