2015 西雅图中国新年音乐会

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

2015 西雅图中国新年音乐会照片
2015 西雅图中国新年音乐会

今晚的音乐作品侧重在春节的节日音乐上。曲目包括自20世纪40年代创作、李焕之的《春节序曲》一直到现代作曲家的作品包括鲍元凯、徐振民、赵聪、和黄晓枫。 《春节序曲》从最初的民族管弦乐作品逐渐演变成西方管弦乐的作品,在经历了许多人在几十年不懈努力改进后,而达到了今天的水准。现代作品中,鲍元凯的作品里有很多根据中国民歌的曲调而创作出的小型作品,如今天演出的几部是很适合于这种节庆氛围的。对于徐振民和赵聪的作品,以前接触不够,留给我们今天来体验。黄晓枫的作品《龙腾虎跃》则是最近的作品,是根据中国东北的二人转曲调而创作的、包括了现代音乐元素的交响乐作品。乐曲中间又包裹了传统二人转的经典曲调。后来看到世界著名的台湾现代抽象派画家陈正雄的“窗系列”油画作品,我感觉从艺术欣赏的角度看,《龙腾虎跃》这部交响乐作品跟陈正雄的“窗系列”油画作品的创作想法很有点儿不谋而合。在陈正雄的抽象的画面里,中间开出一扇窗,而窗里则是明显的、毫无疑问的中国元素。

除此而外,是中国音乐里最经典的二部协奏曲何占豪和陈刚的《梁祝》和冼星海的《黄河》。今天,我们有幸请到了殷承宗先生来亲自演奏这部钢琴协奏曲《黄河》。殷承宗除了钢琴演奏的精湛造诣,他在作曲领域也取得了史无前例的突破性成就。 1968年他完成了钢琴伴唱红灯记,首次成功地把西方高雅到极致的乐器与中国音乐和戏剧的巅峰艺术京剧天衣无缝地结合起来。 1969年他领衔创作了钢琴协奏曲《黄河》,成为中国第一部享誉世界的钢琴协奏曲。他在作曲上所取得的非凡成就,加之钢琴演奏领域的卓越成果,使他在中国音乐史上占有着独一无二的、无人可替代的崇高地位。 殷承宗先生现今70多岁还奉献观众,其高风亮节令我辈敬仰。与大师共度这个令人难忘的夜晚,是我们可遇而不可求的人生际遇。 让我们共同欣赏、度过这美好的、令人陶醉的、人生难得的相聚,让音乐陶冶我们的灵魂,修行我们的情操,升华我们的本心,使我们的人生阅历更加丰韵。


Tonight's musical works focuse on Chinese New Year holiday music. Repertoires include creation from the 1940s, Li Huanzhi “Spring Festival Overture" to modern composers including Baoyuan Kai, Xu Zhenmin, Zhao Cong, and Austin Huang. "Spring Festival Overture" has evolved from the original Chinese Orchestral works into Western symphonic works. After many decades of unremitting efforts by many composers, it has been improved, and reached today's level. Among modern works, Bao Yuankai has contributed many small works based on Chinese folk tunes, such as those to be performed today, which are very suitable for this festive atmosphere. For Xu Zhenmin and Zhao Cong, since I have not known their works before, so it leaves something for us to experience today. Austin Huang’s work “Joy and Prosper" is the most recent work created based on northeast China's ErRenZhuan folk tunes. It includes modern musical elements of symphonic works and wrapped in the middle an authentic ErRenZhuan excerpt. Later, I found the works by Chen Zhengxiong, world famous contemporary abstract painter from Taiwan. His award winning and famous "Window Series" paintings, I feel strongly, from the perspective of art appreciation, that "Joy and Prosper" symphony works was composed with creative idea coincident with that Chen Zhengxiong's created his “Window Series” paintings. In Zhengxiong Chen abstract paintings, he inserted a window in the middle of a painting, within the window, the contents are obvious and no doubt the Chinese elements.

Besides, we will have China most classic music, the two concertos: He Zhanhao and Chen Gang ’s "Butterfly Lovers" violin and Xian Xinghai's "Yellow River." piano concerto. Today, we are fortunate to have Mr. Yin Chengzong personally play the piano concerto "Yellow River.” In addition to superb piano skills, as composer he has also made an unprecedented breakthrough achievements. In 1968, he completed his piano accompaniment Red Lantern, which is the first time that elegance to the ultimate western instruments piano combined with Peking opera seamlessly together. the summit of Chinese music and theater arts. In 1969 he led the creation of the piano concerto "Yellow River”, which becomes China's first world-renowned piano concerto. He made such remarkable achievements in composition, coupled with outstanding achievements in the field of piano performance, so that he occupies a unique, no one can replace him, and the lofty position in the history of Chinese music development. Mr. Yin is now over 70 years old, but still dedicated to audience, his ethical high standard makes our younger generations admire. To spend this unforgettable night with such a musical master is our scarce life experience. Let us work together to appreciate, through this wonderful, intoxicating, a rare life together, let the music edify our souls, our spiritual sentiments, sublimation of our original mind, so that our life experiences more remains charming.

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