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Reborn: The Audible US-China

Sunday, June 25, 2023 7:00 PM – S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium - Benaroya Hall

Reborn: The Audible US-China
Reborn: The Audible US-China

The World Premiere of works by Dr. Austin X. Huang

Dawn Qinqiang Crossing Time

Retrospective Violin Concerto, “1984, Pursuit of Dreams”

Grief Piano Concerto, “2020”

Meditate Symphony No. 2, “Gir”

The four orchestral works by Austin Huang act as a guide to introducing a new voice to contemporary Chinese-American symphonic fusion. They resonate with the global shifting of essential boundaries of the US-China lifescapes that emerged at the time of shared trauma during the three-year Covid pandemic.

These boundaries, both tangible and intangible, shift in a way that challenges and restructures divisions - between the West and the East, life and nonlife, culture and nature, land and sound, discord and concord, actual and virtual, topology and ecology. The composer’s experimental path attunes to this labyrinth from a historical and philosophical perspective in which the Three Chinese Teachings (Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism) harmonize as one, and from the traces of his own intercontinental life.

From Seattle Grunge, Qinqiang Opera (秦腔) to the Tibetan Tongqin (铜钦), the composer extends the post-structural mind that reunites the cosmic, the sonic, and the humanistic, unpacking the various threads of audible humanity as they stretch from the prosaic to the extraordinary.

William White and Dongke Tu, Conductor Yuan Fang, Solo Violinist Miao Hao, Soprano Yifan Shao, Solo Pianist


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